Wednesday, 5 December 2012


1. All forms of energy including electrical energy cannot be created.
2. Dry cells and dynamos only convert one form of energy to another.
    For example, a dynamo converts kinetic energy to electrical energy.
3. All lights and electric appliances in houses are connected in parallel.
    They are controlled through their individual switches.
    If any one light or electric appliances is faulty, the rest are still able to function.

4. In a series circuit:
  • Each bulb is connected to another bulb in series.
  • The bulbs and switches are connected from one end of the circuit to the other.
  • Electricity flows along one path.
  • One switch controls all bulbs in the circuit.

5. in a parallel circuit:
  • The bulbs and switches are connected in parallel.
  • Each component is individually connected to the electric source.
  • Electricity flows along more than one path.
  • One switch controls only one path.

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