Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Accidents due to mishandling of electric appliances

1. Electricity is used almost everywhere in our lives.
    Almost all electric appliances in homes, schools, and offices use electricity to function.
2. Mishandling or careless use of electric appliances can cause electric shocks, fires,
    electrocutions and burns.

           electrocutions                                                                 burns

                                            electric shocks                                              fires

3. We should take safety precautions when using electric appliances.

Safety precautions

               Do not use faulty electric appliances.  Do not overload electric sockets.

 Do not run an extension lead into a bathroom.

 Do not insert any sharp objects into a socket.

Do not join an extra wire to make it longer.

Mishandling Electrical Appliances

Electrical Safety Tips

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