Monday, 19 November 2012


1. Animals and plants are a source of resources such as food, raw materials, fuels, herbs and medicines.
2. All animals need food to survive. An animals species can be a food source to another.
3. If some species of animals and plants become extinct, other species may also face extinction.
4. When this happens, we will face a shortage of resources.
5. The survival of humans also depends on the survival of animals and plants. We cannot live without them.


  • Besides mammals, birds, some reptiles( crocodile, snakes) and certain fish take care of their eggs and young.
  • The tilapia fish carries its eggs in its mouth until they hatch into small fish.

  •  A father penguin withstands the extreme cold of the Antarctic for 60 days to incubate its egg by keeping it on its feet.  It loses a lot of weight to keep the egg safe. The mother hunts for food.

  • To ensure the survival of the species, animals 
           * lay eggs or give birth to young.
           * keep the eggs in safe places.
           * take care of their eggs and young.

  • The main function of seeds is to ensure that the plant species continues to exist.
  • The dispersal of seeds and fruits ensures the survival of the species.
Test Yourself:

1. The diagram below shows an activity of an animals.

What is the purpose of these activities?
A. Preservation
B. Conservation
C. Competition
D. Survival of the species

A bird incubates the eggs so that the eggs will hatch. It then feeds the chicks so that the species continues to exist.

Answer: D

2. The diagram below shows the fruit of a plants.
Which plant disperses its fruit in the same way as the above plant?
A. Love grass
B. Dandelion
C. Coconut
D. Guava

  • The lallang fruit has fine hairs. It is dispersed by wind.
  • Love grass has hooks. It is dispersed by animals.
  • The dandelion seeds have fine hairs. It is dispersed by wind.
  • The coconut can float. It is dispersed by water.
  • The guava has a fleshy and edible fruit. It is disperse by animals.
Answer: B

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